Like all the really big games, Zane's Tower has CHEAT CODES!

When you are asked to input How Many Rooms you want, etc., the following codes will grant you special cheater powers:

You are Immortal - your health will never drop below 0 (you can still be knocked unconscious).
Lost items will always return to the Alien Treasure Box, instead of being randomly redistributed throughout the Tower.
What's the best "boomstick" in the game? The Rocket Launcher, of course! And with this cheat, it can be found (conveniently) in the Alien Treasure Box. Plus, it's got more starting ammo.

By entering in a Cheat Code, the number of rooms (or levels) will become one more than the default (which means if you use three cheater codes, you'll be in a 4x4x6 Tower).

Also, it is possible to enter the same Cheat Code more than once - this grants you all the penalties of being a double or triple cheater, without any additional benefit.

NOTE: Cheaters never prosper (at least not as much as non-Cheaters) - for every Cheat Code you type in (and you can type as many as three), your final score will be reduced.